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How can I look younger?

Youthful teeth are lighter and have a translucent halo effect at their tips. As we age the grinding and use of our teeth, both wears away the translucent tip and makes the teeth thicker from the inside, darkening them. Often times just bleaching the teeth can bring out a more youthful look. Labial Veneers can re-establish the translucent tips of the teeth to any age, you want.


Why do teeth get darker?

The part of the tooth that we see is made up of three things,:

1) An outer coating called Enamel - This is a translucent layer and gives the teeth characteristics.

2) A middle layer called Dentine - This gives the tooth its basic color.

3) An inner layer called Pulp - This is where the nerve and the blood vessels give the teeth their vitality, by keeping them nourished and alive.

toothEffecting any of the layers will cause a tooth to darken. The enamel can stain and wear away. As it wears away more dentine shows it color. The dentine also gets thicker over time due to use, and this adds to the color of the tooth. Medication, illnesses, and food supplements can also effect the dentine, making it darker. The pulp can die and change the color of a tooth.

Fortunately, we now have the technology to remedy all of these problems and restore teeth to their healthy natural looking state.

What is TMJ syndrome?

Most of the time TMJ was a name given to headaches related to the jaw and it's joint. Temporal-Mandibular Joint Disorder syndrome has been attributed to grinding habits, bad bites, and stress related habits. We break down this syndrome into more precise diagnoses and then treat the diagnosis. Oftentimes conservative reversible therapy is all that is needed.


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